Monday, October 29, 2012

Flower with Gold and Diamond Charm 75271

Lots of Love Gold Charm 75236

Strawberry Gold Charm 75240

In February 2000, the first ever PANDORA bracelet charms went on sale in Denmark. 

This included a perfect silver strawberry and 
14 other charms, 10 of which are still part of 
our collection today. 

This one is in 14kt gold which was retired but available with Elisa Ilana

Start of my first bracelet...

So since I saw my sister's bracelet in Vegas. I am now obsessed with Pandora bracelet. But since I gold and didn't want a typical charm bracelet, I decided I wanted a Gold one similar to a traditional charm bracelet and a double tour since I've always like the way that looked on my wrist. So I made a small payment towards a gold necklace. While I pay for this necklace I will research all the gold charmed by PANDORA, current and pass.